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Queen’s Athletic Therapy program dates back to the 1920’s and has long played a role in Queen’s rich sporting history.The present Athletic Therapy program is comprised of four certified athletic therapists, one physiotherapist, two massage therapists and 40 student trainers. These student trainers are comprised mainly of Physical Education and Kinesiology students who gain practical experience and education in the field of Athletic Therapy.

Starting in 2010, the Queen’s Athletic Therapy program and the Queen’s School of Kinesiology & Health Studies have created a unique three-year, mini-stream of study that allows selected students the opportunity to explore the field of Athletic Therapy. This stream provides students with an enriched learning experience as they work with in clinic with certified therapists, with varsity athletes and teams acquiring valuable skills, applied knowledge and invaluable practical experience. Students undergo one year of training, followed by 1-2 years of placements with varsity teams, where they will receive academic credit. The Field Placement and Internship course components require a strong commitment from students as they become a valued member of the Inter-University Sport Program. Students attend practices and games and also travel with the team.

Gifts directed to The Athletic Therapy Fund supports a wide variety of athletic therapy initiatives, training in teaching, clinical and field learning environments.

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