Class of Rehabilitation Therapy 2017

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Class of Rehabilitation Therapy 2017

Historically, the Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) classes give back to the School of Rehabilitation Therapy at the end of their 2-year program. We may all feel that we have given to the department – with our blood, sweat, tears, and tuition – but this is an opportunity for us to leave our legacy. In the past, classes have donated bursaries, money toward the speaker series for the 50th anniversary, and that lovely bench in the foyer of LDA. Now, it’s our chance to help support future students.

Queen’s has a reputation for preparing therapists for the future. As we leave the comfort of our program and become independent healthcare professionals, we carry a well-known and respected degree from Queen’s University – this has been due, in part, by students leaving their legacy.

We are hoping that students, friends, and family will help to maintain the prestigious name of a Queen’s degree with donations toward our ThankQ Gift. This year, we are donating a discretionary fund to the department to be used toward updating and replacing equipment for the LDA lab: this may include a new plinth, repairs to, or replacement of, wheelchairs, new two-point discriminators, walkers, canes, etc. With new and usable equipment, we will help to support future students to learn best practices and support in their preparation as they enter fieldwork opportunities and eventually their own careers.

Help build the 2017 legacy by donating today!

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