Nursing Class of 1990

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The Nursing Science Class of 1990 celebrated their 25th reunion at Queen's in October 2015.

While reminiscing at their 25th reunion last fall, members of the class discovered a plaque on the door of the Nursing Skills Lab that reminded them of the expendable fund Nursing ‘90 had established at the time of our graduation.

When we learned that the "Nursing Interventions Learning Lab Fund" had been fully expended, the School of Nursing suggested that the class raise funds in support of the Nursing Skills Lab Equipment Fund.

Nursing ’90 is challenging members of the class to raise the $1,200 required to help purchase a specialized stethoscope that works with the Cardiac and Respiratory models in the Nursing Simulation Lab. To date, we have already donated the proceeds from our reunion ($300) and are challenging everyone to help raise the balance.

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