Medicine Class of 1982

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The Meds'82 Dr. Al Kannegieter Memorial Fund 

This fund was established by the Medicine Class of 1982 in memory of Al Kannegieter, M.D. 1982, to support worthy initiatives of Queen's University in furthering palliative care education and research of undergraduate and post-graduate students and practitioners of medicine, nursing or allied health care professions.

Al Kannegieter was a Queens's Meds 82 grad...a family physician...husband...father...son. His acts of kindness and compassion brought comfort and support to his patients and their loved ones, helping them through life’s most difficult times.

Sadly, his own passing in 1988 at age 32 occurred under the most trying and anguishing of circumstances. The Meds 82 Dr. Al Kannegieter Fund was created in 1991 by classmates, family, and friends, to honor his memory, and the dedicated and caring support he gave to his own patients.

This fund was created to provide health care professionals with educational opportunities in the area of palliative care, highlighting the special needs and treatment for patients and their loved ones.

The interm capital balance of the Meds ‘82 fund sit around $101,100. The capital balance was ranked 17th out of 42 endowed class funds in the Faculty of Health Sciences.