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Gift’s to the Dean’s Law School Fund are essential to support some of our most critical student programs, to fund urgent needs and to take advantage of emerging opportunities. These funds have a real-time impact on our school, its students and their opportunities!

This fund supports many of our most treasured student experiences at Queen’s Law including our Clinic programs, providing essential support for a critical part of the Queen’s education. It also provides resources for students to participate in national and international mooting competitions, provides funds for student internships in public-sector and non-profit organizations, encourages student exchanges and collaborative partnerships with other law schools, and will hopefully one day again soon, be used to fund student travel for conferences and educational experiences.

Your gift supports the Queen’s Law students of today with experiences and opportunities, and will provide the Dean with much needed flexibility to address urgent needs and fund emerging opportunities.

Some of the things that your gifts have funded at Queen’s Law over the past few years include: 

  • Moot Court Travel and Expenses
  • Operating Funds for the Legal Clinics
  • Student Experiences and Events
  • Student Travel funds for Conferences and Competitions
  • Updates and Refurbishments to Facilities
  • Investments in Technology and Software Licenses
  • Support of student research projects such as the Conflicts Analytics Lab
  • Investments in EDII and Indigenous issues
  • and so much more

This fund is critical to our students, their opportunities and the resources we can apply to their education!

Thank you for your support in helping to lay the groundwork for an even stronger and more prosperous Queen’s Law!

For more information on becoming a Law Fund Leader, please visit our website: https://www.givetoqueens.ca/lawleaders

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