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Queen’s Chemical Engineering continues to be an exciting place to learn, with challenging and innovative undergraduate programs in Chemical Engineering and Engineering Chemistry, and a dynamic program of graduate research at the forefront of technological inquiry. The continuum of learning and discovery through research permeates all of our programs, with undergraduate and graduate students working on a wide range of research projects including: new techniques for optimizing the performance of chemical processes, microfluidic devices leading to “lab on a chip” applications, new techniques for identifying relationships in data, biocompatible scaffolds for tissue regeneration, cost-effective fuel cells, polymers with tailored characteristics, nano-scale molecular assembly for producing biosensors, improved polymer gel dosimeters for calibrating treatment in cancer radiotherapy, and remediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soil. Design thinking (both in terms of engineering design and business model development), innovation and entrepreneurship are becoming central elements in our programs.

Alumni donations help to strengthen and enrich the teaching and learning environment in the department for students and faculty. This is an exciting time to be in Chemical Engineering, as we work to meet the needs of our society in energy, materials, food and medicine, while minimizing environmental impact, ensuring financial sustainability, and working with local communities.

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 Our door is always open, and we would be pleased to show you around the department should you happen to pass by Kingston.

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