2023 Giving Day - Queen's Rowing

Donate to 2023 Giving Day - Queen's Rowing

Our goal: to raise $25,000 that will propel our team to unprecedented achievements.

Whether you are an alum, a parent who did early morning drives to the boat house or a friend of Queen’s Rowing, you remember the demands and unwavering determination, discipline and camaraderie Rowing requires. Rowing is not just about winning races; it’s about developing character and lifelong skills. 

Donations will cover travel costs for the Canadian University Rowing Championships and provide other transformative impacts on our program. They will enable athletes from all socioeconomic backgrounds to compete. They will enhance preparation and performance, provide exposure and growth opportunities, foster team bonding, and contribute to the long-term sustainability of our Rowing program. 

Today, let's join forces and show the unwavering strength of the Queen's Rowing community. Let's make this Giving Day a landmark where generosity becomes the catalyst for greatness. Thank you for being the driving force behind our journey to excellence.

Please donate and celebrate as Queen’s Rowing continues to nurture and support generations of Gaels!

**All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt.

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