Neuroscience Outreach Program

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The Neuroscience Outreach Program (NOP) in the Centre for Neuroscience Studies (CNS) is a nationally acclaimed outreach program aimed at improving the Kingston community’s understanding and awareness of neuroscience. NOP was formed by students looking for a way in which to interact with each other, the department, and the Kingston community in a socially purposed manner. All of our outreach programs are student-led and student-driven and designed to engage both researchers and the community.  Currently, NOP offers twelve unique programs. Whether students wish to participate in a public lecture series, perform hands-on experiments with children and youth, or provide companionship through arts and crafts, there is an outreach program for everyone. The CNS and the Student Leadership Committee are also happy to help with the creation of new outreach programs to ensure that each of our graduate students is able to get involved in a personally meaningful and impactful way.

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