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The Medical School Excellence Fund
The Medical School Excellence Fund was established to help maintain the excellence and intimacy of the learning environment, attract the best students and faculty, build on educational programs and an ...

The Queen's Medical Student Bursary
The Queen's Medical Student Bursary was established in 2002 by the School of Medicine and awarded on the basis of financial need to students in any medical year in the School of Medicine in the Facult ...

Queen's Biomedical Innovation Team
The Queen's Biomedical Innovation Team (QBiT) is an undergraduate student-run interdisciplinary design team that focuses on biomedical device design and innovation.

Medicine Class of 2001
As part of their 15th reunion, the Class of Medicine 2001 is raising $50,000 to establish a medical student bursary.

Class of Medicine 1992
The Class of Medicine 1992 Bursary is fundraising to established an endowed bursary fund that will provide financial support to medical students with demonstrated financial need.

Surgical Skills & Technology Elective Program (SSTEP)
The Surgical Skills & Technology Elective Program (SSTEP) is a week-long, intensive, skill-focused course that prepares second year medical students to enter Clerkship.

Class of Medicine 1979
The Class of Medicine 1979 established the Meds '79 Bursary in July 2004 to support students in any medical year in the School of Medicine in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen's University.

Class of Medicine 1960
The Meds '60 Class Gift to support the new Medical Building was launched prior to the 50th Reunion of the class in 2010.

Medicine Class of 1980
The Class of Medicine 1980 celebrated the naming of a seminar room in CHEER (Bracken Library) in 2010 and then launched fundraising initiative to name a seminar room in the new Medical Building.

Medicine Class of 1978
The Class of Medicine 1978 is raising funds in support of the Meds '78 Bursary as part of their 40th Reunion. This Fund was established to provide financial support to medical students with demonstrat ...

The Department of Medicine Endowment Fund
The endowment was established to provide sustainable funding for educational activities in the Department of Medicine.

Reznick Scholars in Health Professions Education Program
The establishment of the Reznick Scholars program provides an opportunity to further showcase Queen's commitment to health professions education and improved patient outcomes.

Medicine Class of 1962
The Class of Medicine 1962 is raising funds in honour of their upcoming 55th Reunion in 2017. Gifts can be made to the Meds '62 Bursary or other funds at Queen's.

Medicine Class of 1974
The Meds '74 40th Reunion class gift raised $400,000 in 2014 to help make a significant reunion class gift to the Faculty of Health Sciences in support of the Initiative Campaign.

Medicine Class of 1985
As part of their 30th reunion, the Class of Medicine 1985 is raising funds to establish The Medicine 1985 Bursary.

Medicine Class of 1988
The Meds '88 Bursary was established in September 2008 by the class of Medicine 1988 and is awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need to students in any year of the School of Medicine.

The Dean's Engineering and Applied Science Bursary
Your gift to The Dean's Engineering and Applied Science Bursary helps eradicate financial barriers that stand between promising students and a life-altering Queen's Engineering education.

The Chaplain's Trust Fund
The Chaplain's Trust Fund was established by Padre Laverty to assist students experiencing financial difficulty.

In Memory of Stephen Sigurdson
In loving memory of Steve and his deep commitment to education and Queen's University, the Steve Sigurdson Queen's Law Memorial Fund has been established.

Medical Student Research Fund
The Medical Student Research Fund was established to provide annual funding for studentships for Queen's students enrolled in the School of Medicine in the summer immediately after their first or seco ...

Funds (104)

the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences Trust Fund

the Claxton Fund in Medical Ethics

the New Medical Building

the Postgraduate Medical Education Initiatives Fund

the Dr M Albert Menzies Medical Bursary

the Mihran and Mary Basmajian Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research

the Doug Bellinger Scholarship in Biomedical Computing

the Maudsley Fund in Medical Education

the Justus Medical Education Fund

the Donald and Joan McGeachy Chair in Biomedical Engineering

the Murray M. and Ruth S. Fraser Medical Student Award

the Queen's Medical Student Bursary

the Molly and Gordon Armstrong Medical Education Fund

the Medical School Excellence Fund

the Dr. Mona Mulligan Medical Bursary

the E. Shannon Howard Medical Student Bursary

the Margaret and William Shedden Medical Scholarship

Medical Student Research Fund

the Betty Walker Rosenplot Medical Research Fund

the Dr. Jennie Gillespie Drennan Medical Scholarship Fund

the John Bayne Endowment for Medical Education

the Beatrice and Harold Cohen Scholarship in Medical Ethics

the Larry Gibson Medical Student Bursary

the Dr. Bill and Barbara Leacy Medical Student Bursary

the Pokrupa-Smith Medical Student Bursary

the Engineering Society Fund

the Dr. W.R. Ghent Memorial Bursary

the Justus Award in Health Sciences

the Martin W. Chepesiuk Award

The Dr. Ernest A. Boxall Bursary

the Dr. Thomas J. Boag Memorial Bursary

the Dr. Kanji Nakatsu Summer Studentship

the Dr. William Thomas Gaukrodger Bursary

the Dr. Ronald A. Ferguson Award

The Dr. Gary Diotallevi Memorial Award

the Cortlandt Mackenzie Bursary

the Medicine '51 Bursary

the Anatomical Memorial Trust Fund

the Meds 1954 Bursary

the Nathan Roth Memorial Award

the John and Helen Vanderburgh Research Fund in the Faculty of Health Sciences

the Susman Family Lecture Series

the T.R. Sullivan Memorial Prize in Surgery

the Richard Kemp Start Memorial Fund

the Dorothy H Wardle Fund

the Pamela C. Williams Memorial Award

the Smith Chair in Surgical Research

the Dr. Sanjay Sharma Clinical Resident Award

the Roberts Education Fund

the Meds '57 Bursary

the Jane Poulson Memorial Award

the Susan Elizabeth Phillips Scholarships in the School of Medicine

the Clinical Simulation Fund

the Cecil Reid Patience Fellowship

the Raleigh Smith Bursaries in Medicine

the Meds 1979 Bursary

the Meds 68 Bursary

the Meds '62 Bursary

the Meds 1958 Memorial Bursary

the Peter Morrin Prize in Nephrology

the Meds '75 Bursary

the Meds '72 Jack Milliken Bursary

the Queen's University Department of Medicine Education Endowment

the William E. O'Hara Post-Graduate Bursary

the Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine

the Dr. M. Daria Haust Pathology Studentship

the J.D. Hatcher Award

the Dr. G. Harold Ettinger Testimonial Bursaries

the Eldon Boyd Fellowship

The Dr. Henry B. Dinsdale Visiting Lectureship

the Dr. Katherine M. Detre Award

CLEO-the Practice of Medicine

the Global Health Award

the Chaplain's Trust Fund

the Michael Brown Memorial Award in Oncology

the J. Delmar Blaine, MD, Meds 1949 & Ethel G. Blaine, RN, Scholarship

the M Gerald Lynch Scholarship in Medicine

the Dr. S.L. Fransman Prize in Diagnostic Radiology

the Aesculapian Society Initiatives Fund

the Aesculapian Society Award

the Abrahams Award in Experimental Medicine

the Dr. Ben Finkelstein and Family Bursary

the Shane Daniel Klein Scholarship in Family Medicine

the Meds '65 Memorial Bursary

the Medicine 1955 Bursary

the Medicine 1956 Bursary

the Ruth Taylor Research Fund in Brain Disorders

the Dr. Marc L. Smith Memorial Summer Studentship in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

the William H. Boyd Memorial Award for Neurological Research

the Meds '77 Ron Wigle Bursary

the Meds '76 Bursary

the Meds 1961 Jack and Beryl Kerr Bursary

the Medicine 1956 50th Reunion Bursary

the Meds '53 Bursary

the Dr. Nathan Kaufman Service-Learning Fund

the Meds 2012 Fund

the Meds 1992 Bursary

the Meds 1983 Fund

Dr. J. Hugh McGuire Chair in Surgery

the Murphy Memorial Scholarship

the Philips Macdonnell Memorial Award

the Dan Lynch Award

the Dr. Bruce McCreary Developmental Disabilities Fund

the John Wong Meds '59 Award in Psychiatry