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Learning & Research Space
Queen's has magnificent libraries, much loved by students, faculty, researchers and staff.

Thank Q Memorial Bursary
Help us recruit the best undergraduate and graduate students by providing for those in financial need.

The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts Integrated Learning Fund
The Integrated Learning Fund will support exciting academic projects, enhance the interdisciplinary activities between the four creative arts departments, and provide innovative programming for except ...

Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Support quality learning experiences for our students through enhanced teaching practices of our faculty.

The Arts and Science Innovative Learning Fund
The broader learning environment at Queen's requires that our learning spaces, equipment, technology, speakers and lecture series, and field study programs remain relevant and enriching for our studen ...

Queen's Law Learning Commons
Recent renovations to the law building have included the development of the Learning Commons, a new space that reflects the needs of our students.

Experiential Learning Fund
There is no better way for students to apply classroom theory than to work in a real-life setting under the close supervision of experienced practitioners.

Transforming Student Learning
The Transforming Student Learning fund supports Smith School of Business Curriculum transformation and teaching enhancement.

The Hodgson Learning Centre Fund
Driven by former Hodgson students who wish to establish a lasting tribute, we aim to create a dedicated space in Miller Hall for hands-on teaching around exploration and resource geology.

Science '67
The Science 1967 Endowment Fund provides discretionary funding to the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science to enrich the learning environment for undergraduate engineering students.

The Indigenous Studies Interactive Expendable Fund
Support and promote Indigenous and Aboriginal learning activities.

The Class of Law 1990 is raising funds to support the Experiential Learning Fund.

The Class of Law 1970 is raising funds to support the Experiential Learning Fund.

Experiential Learning Fund

Dodge Family Indigenous Art Collection Research Fund
The Agnes aims to build a distinctive, meaningful collection for research and learning at Queen's University, and for opening new conversations on the road to Indigenous reconciliation.

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Through the continued tradition of generous support from our ECE alumni community, we can continue to ignite learning opportunities for some of the brightest students in the country.

Experiential Learning Fund

Digital Initiatives
The digital age has transformed learning, teaching and research.

The Math Department Trust Fund
Your gift will be used to support activities which enhance the learning experience of our students such as undergraduate conference travel, peer-to-peer tutoring, math club programming, invited lectur ...

Experiential Learning Fund

Bounce Back
Bounce Back is an academic and learning support program for first-year undergraduates who are struggling in their studies.

Teaching Excellence Fund
Provide extraordinary learning opportunities from equity and social justice workshops to supporting a student-run education conference.

The Class of Law 2010 is raising funds to support the Experiential Learning Fund.

Experiential Learning Fund

The David McTavish Art Study Room Fund
Support academic engagement by enabling creative learning opportunities and first-hand art experiences for Queen's students and community groups.

Science '58
Science 1958 Fund - Established by the class of Science 1958 to support a wide variety of activities which contribute to the enrichment of the Applied Science learning environment.

The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts State-of-the-Art Fund
The State-of-the-Art Fund will ensure that the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts has the highest quality equipment and technology for learning, presentations, and performances.

Experiential Learning Fund

Athletic Therapy
Gifts directed to The Athletic Therapy Fund supports a wide variety of athletic therapy initiatives, training in teaching, clinical and field learning environments.

The BFA Programme Trust Fund
Gifts to this fund will be invested in priority equipment and programming for the BFA Programme to enhance our students' art making techniques and processes, and foster a learning environment that enc ...

Experiential Learning Fund and Queen’s Faculty of Law Bursary

The Medical School Excellence Fund
The Medical School Excellence Fund was established to help maintain the excellence and intimacy of the learning environment, attract the best students and faculty, build on educational programs and an ...

Experiential Learning Fund

The Geology Teaching Assistant Fund
Your donation provides funding to hire Teaching Assistants to ensure a high-quality learning environment.

The Cultural Studies Program
Gifts to the Cultural Studies Program Trust will be used to enhance the learning experience of our students through academic and cultural activities.

Experiential Learning Fund

Queen's Biomedical Innovation Team
The Queen's Biomedical Innovation Team (QBiT) is an undergraduate student-run interdisciplinary design team that focuses on biomedical device design and innovation.

Queen's Business Law Clinic Fund
The Queen's Business Law Clinic Endowment Fund was established to support the functions and operations of the Queen's Business Law Clinic at Queen's Faculty of Law.

The Queen's Law Emergency Fund
As part of its ongoing response to COVID-19, Queen’s Law is dedicated to help students with immediate and short-term financial challenges posed by the pandemic.

The BISC Vice-Provost Excellence Fund
Established to support all aspects of the Bader International Study Centre in attracting students, supporting student initiatives, faculty initiatives and developing facilities. Funds to used at the d ...

The Vice-Provost BISC Bursary
Established by the Vice Provost and Executive Director and awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need to students who have been selected to attend the Bader International Study Centre.

The Claire L Leggett International Study Award
Established by Claire Leggett and awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need to undergraduate students studying on a formal Queen's Exchange or studying at the Bader International Study Centr ...

Centre for Studies on Democracy and Diversity Fund
Established to support the priorities of the Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity, including operations, research, conferences, fellowships, scholarships, awards and bursaries.

The Bader International Study Centre Bursary
Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Bader International Study Centre by making the castle experience available to as many students as possible.

The Rita Friendly Kaufman Fund
Support opportunities for families, children and teens to explore their creative potential and learn about visual art and culture through hands-on studio programs and in-gallery sessions at the Agnes ...

Engineering and Applied Science Tinker Trailer
The Tech 'N' Tinker (TNT) Trailer is designed to physically travel to schools, increase awareness of STEM, and deliver makerspace outreach workshops to students, schools, educators, and community grou ...

School of Nursing 80th Anniversary
Guided by the SON 2021-2022 Strategic Plan and centered on three pillars of foci: nursing care and practice, wellness, and equity, diversity, inclusion, Indigeneity, and accessibility (EDIIA).

QYEA GPA Society Toronto
Support of QYEA's GPA Society will support Queen's Engineering and will provide resources to innovative programs and activities.

The Class of OT and PT 1990
As part of their 25th reunion OT and PT 90 have decided that it would be a good idea to give back to the School of Rehabilitation Therapy and Queen’s through a reunion class gift.

Science '69
Celebrating 50 years in support of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Science '74
The Science '74 Leadership Traditions Fund provides discretionary funding to the Dean of Engineering to support and encourage the tradition of student leadership through student-directed activities.

Science '79
The Science '79 Forever Fund provides funding to enable undergraduate students to participate in competitions, conferences and projects, and supports activities of the Queen's Engineering Society.

Science '64
The Science '64 Equipment Fund was established by the class of Science 1964 to provide discretionary financial support for equipment needs.

The Queen's Law Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Indigenization (EDII) Fund in memory of Rosemary Ofei-Aboagye King

School of Religion
Our programs of study at the School of Religion seek to foster knowledge and understanding of religion in its wide variety of global and local forms.

Science '84
Science '84 would like to raise $1,000,000 before our 35th Reunion in 2019 toward the Queen's Innovation Commons.

The Arts and Science Dean's Student Initiatives Fund
Established to provide modest grants for undergraduates in the Faculty of Arts and Science to enable them to participate in projects that will provide educational opportunities outside the classroom.

The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts - Seat Campaign
Become a permanent part of our performance hall.

The QUBS Community Outreach Fund
Support environmental education initiatives and community outreach, and help enhance programming and facilities at QUBS and the Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre.

The Geological Field Studies Program
Help our students make the most of their experience at Queen's and use the earth as their classroom!

School of Rehabilitation Therapy 50th Anniversary Fund
The School of Rehabilitation Therapy 50th Anniversary Fund was established to support a wide range of activities that contribute broadly to the enrichment of the School of Rehabilitation Therapy learn ...

MFin '16
In celebration of their graduation, the MFin'16s are supporting the Master of Finance Program Fund and the Queen's University Alternative Assets Fund (QUAFF).

The Department of Physics
Gifts to this fund will support top priorities within the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics, and Astronomy and further enhance the quality of our teaching and research programmes.

The Department of Classics Trust
Gifts to this fund will be used to support, at the discretion of the Head of the Department of Classics, initiatives intended to enhance our thriving academic environment.

Science '78
The Science '78 is Dynamite Campaign has set a goal to raise $1,000,000 between now and the 40th Reunion in 2018.

Queen's Law Moot Fund

Indigenous Initiatives Fund
Contribute to Indigenous education, resources, and cultural events and workshops.

Queen's Law School Fund and the Dean Bill Flanagan International Studies Award

Library Acquisitions
The Library's rich and deep collections are central to the academic enterprise and amongst the very best in the country.

Science '14
The Dean's Excellence Fund allows the Dean to allocate resources to innovative initiatives, academic awards and various student teams, activities and programs.

The Political Studies Trust Fund
This expendable fund is used at the discretion of the Department Head to support students and enhance programs and infrastructure in the Department of Political Studies.

The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts Community Cultural Fund
The arts strengthen communities. The arts offer hope, inspiration and imagination to make us even better, individually and collectively.

MBA '11
In celebration of their 5th reunion the MBA Class of 2011 will be participating in a reunion class campaign in support of the MBA Legacy Fund.

MBA '06
In celebration of their 10th reunion the MBA Class of 2006 will be participating in a reunion class campaign in support of the MBA Legacy Fund.

Class of Geo'95
In honour of our 20th anniversary, let's raise enough to fund a "Class of '95 Named TAship" for four years.

Community Music
Your support will enable us to offer more performance opportunities to our students, and expand our high quality programming further into the Kingston community.

MBA '90
In celebration of the MBA Class of 1990s 30th reunion in 2020, the class has chosen to support The MBA Legacy Fund, The Smith COVID-19 Relief Fund, and the Smith EDII Fund.

Dean of Arts Trust Fund
Your support gives the Dean of Arts and Science the flexibility to fund a variety of projects and initiatives.

Marni de Pencier
In Memory of Marni de Pencier, Arts'54

The MBA Legacy Fund
The MBA Legacy Fund was established to provide support for projects in the full-time MBA program

QUAAF is a student directed hedge fund managing a portion of Queen's university's endowment funds.

Chemical Engineering
Queen's Chemical Engineering continues to be an exciting place to learn, with challenging and innovative undergraduate programs in Chemical Engineering and Engineering Chemistry.

Dean's Innovation Fund
The Dean's Innovation Fund provides a flexible fund that supports the foundation for our program.

Curriculum Transformation Fund
The Curriculum Transformation Fund provides on-going support for Smith School of Business for course development, including case study development, research assistants, faculty professional developmen ...

Accelerating Thought Leadership
The Accelerating Thought Leadership Fund is used to attract and retain outstanding, innovative and research, driven faculty,in a highly competitive market,;who will ensure our students receive an exce ...

Goodes Hall Enhancement
Goodes Hall Enhancement fund supports the upgrades of Smith School of Business' home, Goodes Hall.

Science '08
Sci'08 has chosen to focus their class giving on the Tech N Tinker (TNT) Trailer.

The ArtSci 1993 Undergraduate Bursary
Established by the Class of Arts & Science 1993. Awarded on the basis of financial need to students who self identify as First Nations, Metis, Inuit, or as members of the African and Caribbean Stu ...

The School of Nursing Initiatives Fund
Established to support a variety of needs, including assisting with student-led initiatives, conferences and guest lecturers, or other initiatives that enhance teaching and learning in the School of N ...

Funds (58)

Grant Edey Experiential Learning Fund in Mining

the Dr. Nathan Kaufman Service-Learning Fund

the Centre For Teaching and Learning Fund

the Colin Jardine Integrated Learning Initiatives Fund

the Blended Learning Modalities Fund

the Experiential Learning Fund

the J D McCowan Prize in Integrated Learning

the Arts and Science Innovative Learning Fund

the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts Integrated Learning Expendable Fund

QUBS Environmental and Conservation Research and Learning Centre

the Shell Experiential Learning Fund

Transforming Student Learning

Law Building Renovations Fund

the Muslim Societies, Global Perspectives Fund

the D.D. Monieson MBA Scholarship

the Math Department Trust Fund

the Medical School Excellence Fund

the Linguistics Trust Fund

the Science '40 Memorial Fund

the Poole Family Interactive Creative Arts Fund

the Nursing Initiatives Fund

the Perry J. Lao International Exchange Award

the School of Religion General Fund

the Queen's University Alternative Asset Fund (QUAAF)

the Margaret Elaine Reesor Memorial Fund in Classics

School of Rehabilitation Therapy 50th Anniversary Fund

the Centre for Business Venturing Endowment Fund

the Queen's Chair in Pediatrics Research and Education

the Postgraduate Medical Education Initiatives Fund

the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy Trust Fund

the Shell Canada Surface Mining Experience Fund

the Life Sciences '83 Fund

the Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts Seat Campaign Fund

the Library Watson Fund

the Visual Art Trust Fund

the Science 1967 Endowment Fund

the Faculty of Education Indigenous Initiatives Fund

the Aesculapian Society Award

the David Barsky Graduate Award in Ophthalmology

the Clair Bailey Award for Language and Literacy

the Chancellor A. Charles Baillie Teaching Award

the Dean of Arts & Science Trust Fund

the Department of Philosophy Fund

the Athletic Therapy Booster Club

the James Bennett Memorial Endowment Fund in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

the Bounce Back Fund

the Queen's Innovation Connector Fund

the Claxton Cardiology Lectureship

the Cultural Studies Program Trust

the John Downs Fund

the Durland Family Development Fund

the Dr. W.A. Gorman Legacy Teaching Fund

the Global Health Award

Global Health Trust Fund

the Sean Alexander Hennen Strang Endowment Fund

the Science 1958 Fund

the Indigenous Studies Interactive Fund

the UNESCO Chair in Arts Education Fund