What Your Gift Means - June 2018
What Your Gift Means - June 2018 image
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Eli Scheinman, MES’18, shares his story of how donor support has enriched his experience as a student in the Environmental Studies program.

My research on biocultural diversity, seeds and knowledge among smallholder rice farmers in South India was substantially enhanced by an opportunity to travel to Mandya, in the southern state of Karnataka in India.

My journey started in Bangalore and moved south about five hours through three hubs. What I learned on this 30-day excursion is invaluable for my learning and understanding. One of the most incredible aspects of my trip was that the farmers would often invite us into their homes and we'd share tea and occasionally a meal.

This trip shifted my understanding of food systems and farmers’ livelihoods. I learned a new perspective on the often unequal distribution of basic life necessities from a global point of view. I was able to take these valuable insights and will apply them to my work here in Canada.

It is because of donor support that I was able to have these experiences and I am now motivated to pursue PhD work so that I can expand our knowledge in this field and share it with communities where it will have direct impact.

Students should have the opportunity to travel and better understand the global impact of their research. When you make your gift, you are not only making a difference in the education of students like me, you are helping us make a difference internationally.

Your support matters. Please make your gift today.

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