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What Your Gift Means - March 2018
What Your Gift Means - March 2018 image
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Please give to the Queen's Fund.

The Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP) has been around for 26 years and is an Indigenous-led community-based program, which recognizes that something needs to be done to improve access and graduation rates for Indigenous students and increase the number of Indigenous teachers in First Nations and provincial schools.

Since the program started, Queen's has collaborated with five community-based sites and organizations. Our current programs hire locally and bring qualified instructors to sites in Kenora, Rainy River and the Manitoulin/North Shore region to deliver a full Bachelor of Education program rooted in local cultures.

Queen's also delivers a full ATEP program on campus and was able to welcome an Elder-in-Residence who provides language teaching, linguistic research, guest lecturing, guidance, support and counsel to students and assist with the development of future programming. So much of this progress is thanks to donor support.

Your support matters. Make your gift today.

Pictured: ATEP student Krista McNamara B.Ed'18