Coaching Leadership

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Coaches play a significant role in developing student-athletes, helping them to reach their full potential both on the field of play and in the classroom. Support for coaching leadership development transcends the field of play promoting wellness, leadership, discipline, goal setting, time management and working with peers toward common goals – qualities that impact and inspire academic and professional success.

Funds designated to support coaches will help us recruit the most talented coaches in a very competitive job market. They will help to retain existing coaches, which allows for consistency from season to season, and provides a dedicated advocate for the program articulating a strong and compelling vision for the long term success. An investment in coaching touches all aspects of a sport program. Perhaps the most significant impact is the ability to influence, shape and create a positive learning environment that accentuates the holistic development of our student-athletes. Leadership gifts will help create an endowment that provides a continuous and stable funding base for the future of coaching recruitment and retention.