Queen's Business Law Clinic Fund

The Queen’s Business Law Clinic has proven itself invaluable to local entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. Demand for its services has steadily grown, as well as demand by our students for the chance to participate in this unique experiential learning opportunity.

A primary goal of the Queen’s Business Law Clinic is to prepare students to hit the ground running, as independent and effective legal team members when they enter the workforce. With this in mind, the Clinic allows students to act with a degree of autonomy and self-direction in aiding their clients. This is one of the central tenets of experiential learning, and one of the core strengths of the program.

Students get to experience this independent, self-directed and long lasting learning style while working in a law-firm-like team environment, alongside their colleagues in the other clinics.

With this unique learning experience to offer, students are lining up to participate in the program – up to 100 applicants each year for just 24 spots. Similarly, with a waiting list of several months, and over 150 files on the go at any given time, community demand for this valuable service is growing beyond the capacity of the Clinic to provide it.

Reliant largely on donor support, the Faculty of Law is keen to expand support for the clinic so that it can expand its services and increase the number of students who benefit from the chance to work in the clinic.

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