Donate to ArtSci'12

In recognition of the 10 years since our graduation, Artsci’12 is championing the Faculty of Arts and Science Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Indigeneity Fund. This new fund is incredibly important. Our contributions will help to develop programs such as those listed below, as well as attract and retain under-represented individuals and groups as students, guest speakers, and faculty members for these programs and more.

  • The Ka’tarohwi Festival of Indigenous Arts
  • Pre-Doctoral Fellowships for Indigenous students 
  • Bachelor of Arts minor in Black Studies 
  • Bachelor of Arts major/medial/minor in Indigenous Studies

In recognition of our 10th,  consider making a donation today. 

What makes me excited about this giving opportunity is this is a new fund that will allow the Class of 2012 to give back in a way other Classes have not been able to in the past! We all know the importance of equity, diversity, inclusion and indigeneity and allowing our class to put our money behind it will enhance not only the faculty of Arts & Science but the university as a whole! -Nausheen Sadiq

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