Donate to AMBA'17

The AMBA 2017 Graduating Class Campaign

We have all benefited from the generosity of alumni who came before us. Now, the torch passes to us to do our part to advance our School. As a class, we were active in shaping our AMBA experience from early on. Our donation sends a message to the leadership of Queen’s that we support their ongoing efforts to strengthen our program. The AMBA Legacy Fund allows the Dean and Director of the program to attract, invest in, and maintain top faculty, as well as create opportunities that strengthen the AMBA program and the reputation of Queen’s.

Making a donation to the class campaign is a way to maintain the esteemed brand and allow Queen’s to continuously improve their offerings to the quality of the AMBA program. By supporting the AMBA Legacy Fund campaign, you will help future students of the program directly. The more this fund grows, the greater the impact it will have.

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