Commerce 2016

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The Class of Commerce 2016 have hand-picked four different funds that respectively support Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Indigeneity (EDII) progress, access to needs-based funding, promoting equal opportunities to access extra-curricular activities, and of course, student mental health and wellness.

You can choose to support any or all of the four funds. We want to encourage participation in this campaign by giving you the option to support whatever resonates with you. Our goal is to engage 40% of our class as participants in this campaign!

The Commerce Bursary


What does it do? Awarded based on financial need, this award helps reduce the financial burden of tuition to Smith

Why did we choose this? An increase in needs-based financial awards has been identified as one of the key ways that the school can create equal access opportunities to prospective students, particularly those who have been historically disadvantaged by the high financial barriers to entry that Smith tuition presents.

Legacy Fund For Student Health and Wellness


What does it do? Among other things, this fund aims to provide ongoing professional development and training for staff in addressing student mental health and wellness concerns and increase the availability of 1:1 mental health counselling services (both virtually & in person).

Why did we choose this? The pandemic has taken an undeniable toll on the mental health of Canadians and it is critical that students who are in a high-pressure environment have access to mental health counselling and resources now more than ever.

Smith School of Business Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Indigenization (EDII) Fund


What does it do? The EDII fund was created to support initiatives recommended by the EDII task force that aims to eradicate barriers in Smith including those embedded in policies and processes, recruitment and admissions, program structure, curriculum and non-systemic barriers by building awareness and understanding of the issues.

Why did we choose this? Supporting the EDII fund helps to ensure continuous momentum in tackling the deep-rooted issues relating to EDII within Smith.


The ComSoc Conference Bursary


What does it do? The ComSoc bursary program is a financial assistance program, accessible via application, for student-run event subsidization. The bursary is awarded in conjunction with Student Awards who help ensure the award distribution prioritizes those with demonstrated financial need.

Why did we choose this? While ComSoc provides a great deal of opportunities that compliment and enrich the curriculum offered through Smith, they often come with considerable direct and indirect financial commitments. By supporting the ComSoc bursary, we are expanding the funding available to needs-based bursary applicants to be able to take part in ComSoc activities.