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Reunion: Members of Law ’64 celebrated their 55th anniversary in 2019.

Fund: The David Farrell Law ’64 Award

Purpose: Established by the class of Law ’64 in memory of David Farrell, Class President. Awarded annually to a second or third year law student on the basis of overall scholarship, financial need and contribution to the Faculty, the University and the wider community.

Class Goal: We encourage you to make a donation to the class fund in memory of David Farrell, Class President or any one of our classmates who has passed away since graduation. The award disburses approximately $1,600 annually to a deserving student. Our goal is to increase the award to $2,500 which is the minimum for newly established student awards. This will require an additional $20,000 to the endowment. Please help us to reach our goal by making a donation of any size.

All donations made within Canada and the US are fully tax deductible. 

Frank Tanner
Bob Kennedy
Wally Viner

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