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2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of Queen’s University Alternative Assets Fund (QUAAF). We have continued to strive to expand our footprint on and offerings to the Queen’s community. QUAAF is an educational initiative of Smith School of Business MBA and Masters programs in Canada and Beijing to create a professional environment of continuous learning through the practical experience of running a funded portfolio. We have aspired to engage alumni, current members, and industry in a mutually beneficial platform, and we aim to continue to build on this incredible educational experience.

We want to build momentum to increase our assets under management which will raise our profile, expand investment opportunities, and ultimately enhance the learning experience for students. To accomplish this, we need your support.

Your support will allow QUAAF to:

  1. Expand investments into the universe of U.S. hedge funds, as well as invest within funds with a higher minimum
  2. Provide further hands-on learning opportunities in emerging areas in alternative investments such as Sustainable Investing and Real Estate
  3. Engage more students across every one of Smith Master’s Programs and host future events

Please consider donating to help pay it forward to current QUAAF students. Your generosity will make a tremendous difference by expanding and enriching our current and future members' learning experiences.

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