Faculty of Law Bursary

Donate to Faculty of Law Bursary

As tuition and costs of living rise, ensuring that a quality legal education remains accessible requires substantial support for students with financial needs.

Your donation to support students at Queen’s Law is a gift that will perpetuate itself in many ways:

  • Allowing students to pursue their studies with less financial stress, thereby getting the most from their time at Queen’s;
  • Encouraging these students to give back to their peers as volunteers, mentors, tutors and leaders;
  • Continuing to reinforce Queen’s reputation as an institution that values and supports diversity, equality and opportunity.

Queen’s Law prides itself on being a place that attracts and encourages the finest legal minds. Every dollar that you give helps ensure the Faculty’s continued ability to provide the best education to its students – and the best opportunities to fine young minds regardless of their resources.

Ensuring that promising students have access to the benefits of a strong legal education benefits not just students – it is vital to the health of our entire legal system.

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