The ArtSci 1993 Undergraduate Bursary

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Now is a very timely opportunity to reevaluate our commitment and support to improving access to education to future Queen’s students. The Black Lives Matter protests happening around the world have also sparked critical conversations at the University. As alumni, we can play an important role in removing financial barriers and investing in more diverse student experience. Proudly established in 1997 by the class of ’93, our award supports students in financial need who self identify as First Nations, Metis, Inuit, or as members of the African and Caribbean Student Association.

Tuition and Fees are based on 2019-20 schedules were approximately $7,305. The cost of tuition plus living expenses is a very intimidating prospect for many students. Some feel that they cannot accept their offers to come to Queen’s because of these reasons. Sadly, this could be a missed opportunity for the entire Queen’s community to benefit from a wide range of cultures, lived experiences, and opinions that lead to a truly enriching learning environment. Please consider donating, to transform the lives of these students. 

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