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Sci'97 Bursary - Building our Legacy


As a reminder, the Applied Science 1997 Bursary was established by the Class of Science 1997. It is awarded based on financial need, extra-curricular activities/community service to upper-year students in Smith Engineering.


Over the past 25 years, the Sc 97 bursary has provided funding to 26 students and distributed over $49,000! We've increased our bursary balance between our 20th reunion and now from $52,500 to $71,000. Thanks for making those $19.97/month contributions since our 20th reunion.

Our next goal is to hit $97,000 by the time our 25th rolls around in October (that's not much time!). And then just a short hop to hit $100,000, which means we can support two students each year, not just one.

And we'll keep our long-term sights set on reaching $250,000, which will mean that we can convert our award to renewable – where support can be given to an individual student every year of their time at Queen's, not just in the first year.


Please consider giving $19.97 a month or a multiple of $19.97 ($39.94, $59.91, etc.) for the next five years (or whatever feels suitable for you, more or less). This type of donation is easy to set up and can be done right from your credit card. For $19.97, you could buy car wax, beard shampoo, a reusable grill mat, neon glow kit, four tall unicorn frappuccinos, body shaping neoprene pants, two or three litres of gas, or invest in the future of Queen's. Tough call with the pants available, but we know what the right choice is...

If this doesn't work for you, that's OK. We hope you'll consider giving whatever amount is meaningful to you, even as a one-time gift. No amount is too small as we are hoping for high participation numbers and for all of us to build the Sc'97 legacy (outside the recognition of "Destructive"). Future generations should know how great the class was with the Clark Hall logo in their crest!


And if you need more motivation, let's look at how much other classes around us have raised to date.


Sci'95: $82,499

Sci'96: $30,807

Sci'98: $30,199


The data proves that we're better than the 96s and 98s, and we can take Sci95; we're soooo close already!


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