Science '95

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Science '95 is making plans to hold an on-campus reunion on Friday, May 20 & Saturday, May 21, 2022.  

The theme of our reunion is “$50 for 50”, to celebrate the calendar year during which many of us turn 50. The attendance cost of $50 will provide a cash infusion from Sci'95 graduates to continue funding our Bursary.

The bursary provides financial support to Smith Engineering. When we attended Queens, our annual tuition fees were less than $3000. Currently, the applied science tuition posted by the Office of the University registrar is $13,160.84!

We currently have less than $75,000 in our Bursary account. To  continue supporting a community of future engineers in a meaningful way, we need to raise the roof.

We look forward to re-connecting in May! Submit your “$50 for 50” donation to attend, and feel free to contribute more if you are able to do so. In addition to this event, Queen's Giving opportunities remain accessible through this website.

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