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WHERE WE ARE: As of April 30, 2017, the book values (total of all donations) of our two Science '82 class funds totalled $363,846. That is $278,791 in the original Science 1982 Endowment Fund, and $85,055 in the Science 1982 Award in Applied Science.

THE GOAL: By December 31, 2017, let's try and bring our donation totals to $400,000, with $300,000 in the Science 1982 Endowment and $100,000 in the Science 1982 Award.


(a) $35,000 for 35 years. We just celebrated our 35th Reunion in October 2017, let's attempt to raise just a little more than $35,000 ($36,154) to reflect that important milestone.

(b) It is Canada's 150th Birthday. If you haven't given your country anything else to mark this auspicious anniversary, what better gift than helping to support the education of its future dreamers, builders, creators and innovators at your alma mater?

(c) As all of us draw to or near retirement, consider what your Queen's education meant to you in your career and your life.

WHY US?: Taking the combined value of our two class funds, Science '82 is rapidly rising up the ranks of all-time Applied Science donors through class funds. We can move into the Top 10 soon. Since most of those ahead of us are classes from the 40s, 50s and 60s, WE have time, numbers and inflation on our side to chase every one of them down!

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Emily Edwards
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