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Collectively, Science '73 alumni have contributed an incredible sum of over $2,000,000 to Queen's University, with almost $1,300,000 directed towards supporting Smith Engineering. Help us raise our Science '73 Initiatives Fund to $275,000 in honour of our 50th reunion in October 2023. Student teams are gearing up for their endeavours, and we remain dedicated to supporting the Queen's Biomedical Innovation Team (QBIT). QBIT continues to pursue impactful projects, such as the IV Tutor Project, focused on enhancing medical IV treatments and an initiative to provide accessible oxygen therapy in remote third-world regions.

2023 marks our 50th REUNION! For most of us, it's within our means to make a meaningful contribution to support today's university students. We kindly urge you to consider making a donation to your class fund to mark this incredible milestone reunion.



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