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Join us for our 55th reunion on October 17-19, 2025, and be part of our "Last Call Campaign" to support the Sc'70 Student Initiatives Fund. This fund has grown into a vital pillar for the Queen's Rocket Engineering Team (QRET), offering financial aid, guidance, career development, and industry engagement. We aim to achieve two primary goals:


Financial Goals:

a. Increase donations to the Sc'70 Student Initiatives Fund from $350,000 to $550,000.

b. Raise Planned Giving commitments to $2 million.


Why do we need more funds? Currently, we cover almost 50% of QRET's annual budget of $38,000, with the remainder from the Dean's budget. Given QRET's success, their annual budget is projected to reach $70,000 in five years, necessitating increased support now. Help us create a lasting Sc'70 legacy for Smith Engineering. The Campaign Council members have already committed, and we appreciate your support in our Last Call.

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