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Queen’s Baja SAE

Queen’s Baja SAE is a multi-disciplinary design team of students that design, manufacture, and race a single-rider off-road vehicle over the course of a school year. The team competes in the North American Baja SAE Series against over 150 teams from around the world in a variety of dynamic and endurance events. The Queen’s Baja team is an opportunity for undergraduate engineering students of all disciplines to gain real-world design and manufacturing experience. Members have the opportunity to test their designs and see them implemented in a real-world application. Since 1976, our team has been a strong international competitor in Baja SAE. 

Team Mission: Our team's objectives are to foster creative thinking, uphold ethical design standards, and ensure top-notch workmanship. Alongside these goals, we strive to instill effective business practices and emphasize the value of collaboration within a fun, safe, and engaging setting. Through these efforts, our final goal is to create a competitive Baja vehicle that can hold its own against international competition at Baja SAE events each year. 


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