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The Smith Student Exchange Award

The Commerce Class of 2011 is supporting the Smith Student Exchange Award. With 91% of Commerce students going on exchange this award will help ensure students may participate, regardless of their ability to pay.

A letter from Morgan Klein-MacNeil

Thank you to everyone in our class who supported our Commerce 2011 Award in the past.

The account for this fund was established in honour of our graduation in 2011 in memory of Simon Deng. This fund was to have been awarded on the basis on demonstrated financial need, involvement in school or community activities, and demonstrated leadership qualities to students in the third year of the Bachelor of Commerce program. Unfortunately, this fund’s account had yet to receive the minimum amount to activate the Award, and therefore we have not had a recipient. Because the $50,000 fundraising goal was not achieved within the intended timeline of five years, the University was pleased to transfer the funds to our alternate allocation, The COMMitment Entrance Award. Similar to the Commerce 2011 Award, this fund is awarded on the basis of financial need, academic achievement, and extra-curricular involvement to students entering their first year in the Bachelor of Commerce program.

We wanted to notify you of this change and thank you again for your support. Your redirected gift will serve the same goal – ensuring Commerce students have the financial resources they require to attend Smith School of Business.

Additionally, we ask you to please continue your support towards Smith School of Business in recognition of our upcoming 5th reunion. To focus on providing Commerce students the opportunity to participate in an international exchange, we’ve decided to support The Smith Student Exchange Award. With 91% of current Commerce students going on exchange, this award will help ensure they are able to participate, regardless of their ability to pay. Please consider providing a current student with this once in a lifetime opportunity. One-time gifts, or pledges (multiple payments made monthly, or annually), can be made online. Gifts can also be made in honour, or in memory of someone.

Thank you again for your support of Smith School of Business!

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