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The Commerce 2000 Award

The Class of Commerce 2000 is continuing to support the Commerce 2000 Award. This is an upper-year award that helps a students who had demonstrated financial need, proven leadership skills and involvement in school of community activities. Simply put, we are aiming to help change the lives of students and the trajectory of their future careers.

Currently, 30% of Smith students require financial aid. Given this, awards were identified as a top priority for alumni support by the school. Tuition for a domestic student is over $17,000 per year at Smith School of Business, mainly due to significantly reduced government funding compared to our time at Queen’s. The Ontario Government announced a further 10% reduction to University funding for next year, along with a large reduction in student grants.

Pledges can be made over a five-year basis. You can also give the gift of securities or consider a planned gift. Learn more here. In addition, your company may have a matching gifts program to increase the impact of your donation! Search our database of matching companies here.

We sincerely believe that the Commerce program at Smith has provided us with wonderful opportunities in our careers; the Commerce 2000 Award will continue to provide deserving students the same opportunities we’ve enjoyed. Please help to establish a lasting class legacy that we can all be proud of.

Fund FAQ:

  • ·Established in 2013 for our 10th Reunion
  • ·Criteria: Awarded in third year, financial need, proven leadership and involvement in School and/or Community Activities
  • ·The Commerce 2000 Award Endowment Fund: $121,656 *as of April 30, 2019
  • ·Number of award recipients since Fund's inception: 5 Total disbursed since Fund's inception: $17,500.00
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