Commerce 1983

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The BCom'83 Endowment Fund

The Class of Commerce 83's started fundraising to support the BCom '83 Endowment Fund

This Award will provide the Dean of Smith School of Business funding flexibility for such purposes as faculty recruitment and retention, student support, research support, academic visitors, teaching, equipment and programs. 

Another option is to fund the Commerce Legacy Fund for Student Health and Wellness - a fund started by Richard Tam who was on the Executive Team for Unleash the Noise (held by Jack Project). He was so inspired after his experience that he decided to take the initiative to start the Commerce Legacy Fund for Mental Health support here in Goodes Hall.

The Commerce Legacy Fund for Student Health and Wellness provides:

  • on-going professional development and training for staff in addressing student mental health, wellness and diversity
  • ongoing development of workshops for students around mental health, wellness and diversity
  • an increased availability of 1:1 session with the Smith School of Business Commerce counselor, for Commerce Students

In celebration of your 35th reunion, please consider joining your classmates by making your gift or pledge today! 

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