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Sociology is the study of how societies work. We study social life at every level, from personal relationships to institutions, nations and global interconnections. Sociology enables us to understand the structures and dynamics of societies, and their intricate connections to patterns of human behaviour, public issues, everyday life, politics, culture and individual life chances. It examines how various social forces produce social order and social change and in so doing influence what we do and how we think. 

The top priority of the Sociology Department is to support the Surveillance Studies Centre (SSC). Your gift will continue the important research that focuses on how ordinary people respond to and engage with surveillance in everyday life.

The SSC promotes research on the proliferation of personal data and its consequences for privacy, freedom and democracy and advances this work through workshops, lectures and seminars, empirical work, a visiting scholar program, publishing, community outreach, liaising with policy and activist groups, and student training.

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