BFA/BAE 55th Anniversary Celebration

Donate to BFA/BAE 55th Anniversary Celebration

I greatly benefitted from my time at Queen's and, specifically, the BFA program. Ontario Hall is a beautiful old building that houses a small, but very special art program that is not common in other Canadian Universities. Since my graduation in 2002, I have worked both as an art educator and as an artist, and so I know the growing expenses that come with trying to run a robust and comprehensive art program. Materials continue to be more and more expensive, and staying current with digital and other contemporary technologies is also costly. I gave what I could a few years ago in order to pay it forward to a program that gave me so much!

I look forward to giving again during this time that we celebrate 55 Years of Fine Art Education at Queen's to ensure that more students can benefit from the best materials and practices possible in a well-rounded art education. Every little bit counts, and we really hope that Queen's Fine Art Alumni will consider giving what they can to the Visual Art Trust Fund to support the art department in continuing its legacy of delivering the best art program possible!

-Angela Walsh Noble, BFA’02

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