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In recognition of our 40th Reunion, I encourage you to support the Artsci’84 Reunion Giving Campaign. Rather than selecting a single fund to champion, we’ve identified three funds for you to consider supporting. All three contribute to the overall Queen’s Experience for students in the Faculty of Arts and Science. The funds are:

The Dean of Arts & Science Trust Fund

This fund supports a variety of initiatives that have expanded student learning experiences, providing students with:

  • Increased access to mental health care, support, and services for Arts and Science students
  • The opportunity to participate in experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom such as industry-specific internships
  • Access to innovative and hands-on courses which gives students the opportunity to formulate an innovative venture and implement it with access to financial seed funding
  • Increased funding for undergraduate student research opportunities through the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society
  • New courses that are focused on Indigenous teachings, traditions and ways of knowing


The Dean’s Student Initiatives Fund

The Faculty of Arts and Science balances formal and interactive educational approaches, encouraging experiential learning – going beyond the classroom to learn and discover. The Dean’s Student Initiatives Fund will supports one-of-a-kind opportunities close to home and around the world, such as:

  • ASUS camps
  • The Queen’s Canadian Leadership Conference
  • The Queen’s Health Outreach program in Guyana


Faculty of Arts and Science Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Indigenization Fund:

The Faculty of Arts and Science is a scholarly community committed to truth and reconciliation, freedom of inquiry and expression, and the equality and dignity of all persons.

Your support of this fund will help to develop programs such as those listed below, as well as attract and retain under-represented individuals and groups as students, guest speakers, and faculty members for these programs and more.

  • The Ka’tarokwi Festival of Indigenous Arts
  • Pre-Doctoral Fellowships for Indigenous students
  • Bachelor of Arts minor in Black Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts major/medial/minor in Indigenous Studies

We are generous class, with a strong affection for our alma mater. Please consider Showing your support for Queen’s by supporting our Reunion Giving Campaign today

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