2023 Giving Day - Cycling

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Donations will help make the cycling team accessible to more students. Cost is a huge barrier for many athletes as cycling is a sport with very expensive equipment. Students provide and maintain their own bikes, and paying team fees on top of that makes it that much more difficult for people who can't afford them to participate. Meeting our funding goal for the year will allow us to keep athlete costs lower. Keeping costs low is addresses the significant barriers that exist for many student-athletes to participate.

Additionally, costs associated with travel to the larger collegiate road racing circuit, ECCCs, for example, are a major barrier for us to attend. Going to the US involves prolonged travel and accommodation that is significantly more expensive than a single-day race excursion in Ontario. We want to give our athletes as many opportunities to race as possible, so it is a funding priority for us to be able to bring our athletes to those races.

Thank you for considering a donation to Queen's Cycling. 

*All donations will receive a tax receipt

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