2023 Giving Day - Artistic Swimming

Donate to 2023 Giving Day - Artistic Swimming

What would your donation do for the team? We are in need of a new sound system. Our current system has become increasingly unreliable as it ages. Music plays a significant role in our sport, so disruptions during practice due to technical difficulties keep the team from using the limited pool time we have as efficiently as possible. Additionally, we can no longer trust that our sound system will allow us to host revenue-generating events such as water shows or meets without disruptions, thus creating a barrier to accessing more fundraising and promotion opportunities for our club.


Your support sends a clear message to our athletes and coaching staff: It signals belief and solidarity. Today, let's join forces, showing the world the unwavering strength of the Queen's Artistic Swimming community. Let's make this Giving Day where your generosity becomes the catalyst for greatness.

Thank you for being the driving force behind our journey to excellence.