The G Whalley Visiting Professorship
The G Whalley Visiting Professorship image
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The Whalley Fund was established to honour a key figure in the history of the Department of English. Born in Kingston on 25 July 1915, George Whalley pursued an extraordinary life: Rhodes scholar, athlete, decorated naval officer, poet, and stellar academic. He joined the Department of English at Queen's in 1950, where he was appointed as Cappon Professor in 1962 in recognition of his scholarship, and served as Head of the Department in the years of growth between 1962-67, and 1977-80. During his career Whalley became an internationally respected literary scholar specializing in poetry of the Romantic period and a charismatic teacher. Following Whalley's death in 1983 this fund was initiated with the goal of establishing an endowed Chair in his name. However, until such time as a major donor steps forward to provide the substantial funding required to sustain a named chair, the Whalley Fund enriches the intellectual life of the department in two key ways: it supports an annual lecture in his name, enabling the Department to invite a distinguished speaker of special merit to campus; and every 3-5 years a scholar specializing in Romanticism or Critical Theory is invited to teach a course in the graduate program as Visiting Whalley Professor. In 2015 the Whalley Fund supported a three-day conference in honour of the centenary of Whalley's birth. Your gift will help us continue the tradition of academic excellence allied to creativity that has been George Whalley's legacy to the department.