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On the heels of the latest United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Rankings Queen’s is being recognized for its impact. The Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS), making up 60% of the university students and faculty are huge contributors to the vision for the campus as one for the future. The Faculty of Arts and Science is focusing on three key areas over the next few years to move the needle on the student and faculty experience that transcends what we can offer today. The three key areas are: Wellness and Community, Research and Sustainability and Global Impact and Innovation.

  • The vision for a strong portfolio of Wellness and Community funds is needed to support an ever-diversifying campus, provide students with experiential learning opportunities and strengthen training and research through world-class centres like the Psychology Clinic.
  • Research and Sustainability come together as Queen’s researchers and facilities take on the world’s grand challenges (like climate change) – through discoveries in Chemistry and Physics to hands-on state-of-the-art field research at the Queen’s University Biological Station. Undergraduate research is also a huge focus as we provide students with the opportunity to become problem solvers and inspire the next generation of award-winning Faculty.
  • Global Impact and Innovation is a priority that changes how we look at Queen’s campus. The importance of providing undergraduate and graduate students not only with opportunities for international learning and experiences but also expanding on the concept of a global campus – bringing the world to campus through integrated teaching.
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