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Dr. Dinsdale graduated from Queen's University in 1955, where he began his journey towards becoming a compassionate healer and a respected authority in his field.

Throughout his career, Dr. Dinsdale touched the lives of countless patients, demonstrating unwavering dedication and an exceptional level of expertise. He was known for his remarkable diagnostic skills, always going above and beyond to accurately identify and treat a wide range of neurological conditions. Patients were not only impressed by his medical knowledge but also by his genuine care and compassion.

Dr. Dinsdale's contributions extended far beyond his clinical practice. He was actively involved in medical research, striving to improve the understanding and treatment of various ailments. His innovative ideas and commitment to advancing medical knowledge made him an influential figure within the scientific community. He was also a long-time volunteer with an unwavering commitment to his classmates and their work dedicated to raising funds to further the mission of the university.

As a mentor, Dr. Dinsdale inspired and guided numerous aspiring medical professionals, imparting his wisdom and instilling in them a sense of duty towards their patients. His commitment to teaching and nurturing the next generation of doctors left an indelible mark on the medical community.

In lieu of flowers, the Dinsdale family would welcome a donation directed to the Dr. Henry B. Dinsdale Visiting Lectureship fund to support bringing prominent speakers on topics related to neurological diseases or medical leadership to the Department of Medicine.

Please be sure to fill out the commemorative portion of the giving form entitled "Dedicate my gift." This will allow Queen's to notify Dr. Dinsdale’s family of your thoughtful donation to the Dr. Henry B. Dinsdale Visiting Lectureship.

If you wish to make your donation by phone, please call our toll free phone number, 1-800-267-7837, and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

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