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The EMBA Legacy Commerce Admission Bursary was established by the EMBA class of 2023 in recognition of their experience at Smith with the intent of ensuring a business education is accessible to everyone, no matter their circumstance. The focus of the bursary is to break down financial barriers for New Canadians and equity-deserving groups, and help ensure future business students have the same opportunities they had to pursue their academic and career goals.

It’s no secret the cost of learning can be a barrier for many deserving students. Reflecting on their own academic journey, the EMBA ’23s understand the transformative power of education and the value of paying it forward. They believe Queen’s University and the Smith School of Business are among the most highly respected institutions in the world, and created this bursary to ensure all students with the talent to succeed, regardless of other circumstances, have access to a business education.

Your gift to the EMBA Legacy Commerce Admission Bursary, whether an individual or corporate contribution, big or small, will support future generations of deserving students. By supporting this bursary you are helping promote diversity and inclusiveness in the business community and working to ensure a business education is truly accessible to all.

Join your fellow EMBA students and graduates to support this important initiative.

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