2021 Hall of Fame Class

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Left to right: Gary Gilks, Lucas Rumball (standing in for Jake), Tim Richardson, Dan Moor, Ben Stinson, Steve Jameson, Liam Underwood, James Slattery, Sandy Townsend, Pat Richardson, (Not pictured) Gord Nixon 


Compete against other eras and join your fellow 2021 Hall of Fame inductees in supporting Queen's Rugby. 

To ensure its success, Queen's Rugby needs to fill 3 buckets:


1. Coaching Leadership

2. Program Development

3. Athletic Financial Awards


A full-time assistant coach will allow the team to significantly improve the year-round development of athletes, increase volume and level of competition, and enhance student-athlete support and experiences.

Increasing the number of exhibition games played through the development of a winter cup league consisting of Ontario and Quebec-based universities will be a crucial step toward closing the gap with the west coast teams.

Athletic Financial Awards (AFAs) are awarded based on athletic and academic achievement. They are a critical tool for recruiting and retaining top talent to ensure the team remains one of the top rugby clubs in the Nation. 



As a fellow Gael, you know the significant positive impact Queen’s Rugby plays in one’s life. You can continue this tradition and allow current student-athletes to have the same experience by making a gift to the Men’s Rugby Gael Force Challenge today. 

Help us raise $350,000 across the club over the next five years to drive our program forward.

Anyone can join the Hall of Fame class of 2021 group to pledge support for the buckets above, or you can set up your own group, or You can make a one-time individual gift or a pledge:

As an individual:

  • $25,000 = $5,000/year or $417/month for 5 years
  • $10,000 = $2000/year or $167/month for 5 years
  • $5,000   = $1,250/year or $104/month for 5 years
  • $2,500   = $500/year or $42/month for 5 years
  • $1,000   = $200/year or $17/month for 5 years
Kim Wilkinson