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Science 88: Inspiring Innovation - Alumni Giving Campaign

Since its inception, the Science 88 Inspiring Students Fund has contributed to a variety of Smith Engineering student groups and activities.

To commemorate our 35th Reunion, we seek to increase the size of our endowment fund and thus amplify our contributions to student-led Engineering Design Teams. The Design Team model is consistent with our objective of encouraging and supporting student-led activities that are interdisciplinary, inclusive, and creative and empower Smith Engineering students to work within collaborative teams as leaders in innovation.

Engineering Design Teams currently active at Queen's are described here:


Suggested Donation:

Any amount is greatly appreciated. Your donation will be amplified because some of our classmates have committed up to $10 000 in matching funds for the duration of our 35th Reunion fundraising campaign (until Dec 31, 2023). We encourage you to join a friendly challenge to donate as much as you can of the amount of our 1988 tuition fee: $1300.

·      The current value of the Science 88 endowment fund is approximately $ 70 000

·      Our fundraising goal for our 35th is $ 35 000  

An endowment fund of $100 000 would accrue $3000 to $4000 annually to support student creativity and innovation in Engineering (3% to 4% rate of return).

 Please help us reach our fundraising goal in time for Homecoming! Your support is important whether you have given regularly since graduation or are considering your first donation. Your contribution will support students who are actively engaged in Engineering Design projects. 

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