In Memory of Dr. Bert Wasmund, Former Executive Director, Hatch

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Dr. Bert Wasmund believed a university education could be life changing.

“Bert was an extraordinary individual who quietly excelled in so many of his interests — science and engineering, leadership, philanthropy, and mentorship. Most of all, Bert cared deeply about the importance of education for those who did not have the opportunities that many of us had.”  

Dr. Tom Harris, former dean, vice-principal and provost. Queen's University.

“Bert truly lived a great and notable life. Past and future generations of Hatch owe him a great deal, and we will honor and pay tribute to his contribution by carrying on the legacy that he created and taught us.”

John Bianchini, Hatch CEO and Chairman.

You are invited to honour Dr. Bert Wasmund's memory through support of one of the funds he established to improve educational opportunities for Indigenous youth in Canada

Indigenous Futures in Engineering at Queen's University: A holistic student success unit, with services such as access to tutoring, mentoring and industry liaisons for Indigenous students currently studying engineering. Additionally, to prepare future generations, there is an educational STEM outreach program working in First Nations schools providing programs and resources to encourage students to stay in school and keep studying math and science.

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