Carolyn Smart Writer's Residency

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For more than 30 years, Professor Carolyn Smart has been the lifeblood of creative writing at Queen's University, stoking the passion and cultivating the craft of thousands of apsiring writers, many of whom have gone on to successful careers on the Canadian literary scene.

As Professor Smart prepares to retire at the close of the 2021-22 school year, now is the perfect opportunity to celebrate her incredible legacy at Queen's and recognize the impact she made on the lives of those she taught and mentored.

Join Professor Smart's former students, colleagues, and friends in honouring her career and realizing her vision and dream in supporting future generations of student writers through The Carolyn Smart Writer's Residency.

To ensure immediate launch and continuation of the named residency program for the next five years, our fundraising goal is $75,000. Thanks for a generous committment of $50,000, this vision is almost a reality. Help The Carolyn Smart Writer's Residency reach the last $25,000 today.

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