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As the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS) celebrates its 130th anniversary, its core mission remains the same – ensure that every Queen’s Arts and Science undergraduate student has their best experience possible at Queen’s. From advocating for the 13,000 students within the faculty to building community and providing engaging volunteer opportunities for students, ASUS aims at enhancing the lives of students in every way possible.

Your time with ASUS has shaped where you are today. The Arts and Science community at Queen’s is vast, full of wildly different fields of studies, specialties, personalities and programs. It is the job of ASUS, not just to support all those students academically and beyond the classroom but also, to bring them together in a community in which they can thrive.

The past 130 years have seen rapid expansion with seven different commissions and offices, over 2,000+ volunteers and a variety of initiatives that are meant to fulfill the ASUS mandate. ASUS has brought about structural and societal improvements in celebration of its 130th birthday and looks forward to further growth in the years to come. A major component of the change is the creating and hiring of a new General Manager position. The General Manager will serve a key role in long-term growth, improving the Society’s services, and provide oversight in many facets of ASUS operations and financial management. The new General Manager, Sean Thompson, comes to ASUS as an Artsci ‘83 alumni with extensive sales, marketing, and non-profit experience. He spent 30 years in software and technical sales and brings a wealth of extra-curricular, volunteer experience through Kin Canada where has served many leadership roles since 1984, including National President. As the world our undergraduates enter experiences an era of rapid change, it is imperative that students’ university experience adapts to prepare them for that new reality.

We have prepared a report that highlights the possibilities that the Society has for the next 130 years. In this document, we outline the barriers and obstacles currently facing the society as well as the immense potential for growth. Read more about our vision for ASUS.

Now, more than ever, your donation can help ASUS continue the valued elements of our mission that students have come to expect, while also giving us room to prepare for the exciting changes in the future.

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