The Alistair Macleod Distinguished Lecture Series in Philosophy

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Alistair Macleod is a graduate of Queen's University and the University of Glasgow, the author of two books (Social Justice, Progressive Politics and Taxes and Paul Tillich: An Essay on the Role of Ontology in his Philosophical Theology) and many articles. In his long career at Queen’s, he was Head of the Department of Philosophy for many years, and he was honoured with visiting fellowships at both the University of Oxford and the University of Edinburgh. His research interests are principally in social and political philosophy and the philosophy of law, but Alistair is known for his passion for the subject of philosophy as a whole. Alistair’s commitment to the discipline and the Queen’s department, as well as his dedication to the wellbeing of his students and colleagues, are legendary. This lecture series honours Alistair in the most fitting of ways, providing an opportunity for intellectual exchange and discussion.

Donations will support the establishment of a named lecture series fund in honour of Alistair Macleod in the Department of Philosophy. This fund will be used to support the costs associated with bringing eminent academics and philosophers to Queen's University campus, to cover such expenses as travel, accommodation, honoraria, etc.

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