Commerce 2021

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Smith School of Business at Queen's University is committed to cultivating a vibrant, diverse and inclusive academic and work environment rooted in a culture of mutual respect and equity such that all members of our community feel safe, possess a strong sense of belonging and are empowered to thrive. We recognize that access, equity and inclusion are vital to our school's future and to developing global citizens with the broad knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to contribute meaningfully to society as well as advancements in business. To aid in achieving our EDII goals we must expand our efforts and accelerate the implementation of meaningful EDII-related changes.

To support our commitment, Smith has established an Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Indigenization (EDII) task force that will develop and execute a plan for sustainable change to eradicate systemic barriers in Smith including those embedded in policies and processes, recruitment and admissions, program structure, curriculum and non-systemic barriers by building awareness and understanding of the issues. Read more about the task force here.

Smith has also established an EDII fund to provide an opportunity for our community to support initiatives leading to impactful and meaningful change within our school.

Donations to this fund will support EDII-related actions initiated by Smith School of Business, primarily through recommendations from the EDII Task Force and its associated working groups and program-based committees.

There is much work ahead; our capacity and success in effecting sustainable change is enhanced when we come together as a community and share the responsibility to make a difference. We are grateful for our Smith Community and your desire to help.