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In memory of George and Maureen Ewan in support of the established lecture series - the George and Maureen Ewan Lecture Series. The seminar and lecture program is designed to increase scientific discourse and culture within the Particle Astrophysics community at Queen's University. The series as created to bring leading scientists to Queen’s to discuss their work in terms that, as Dr. Ewan explained, “don’t require a PhD to understand”. His inspiration, he said, was his wife Maureen, who typed his entire doctoral thesis without understanding a word of it. Maureen Ewan worked at the Ban Righ Centre at Queen’s from 1976-1992.

Dr. George Ewan was a Queen’s Professor Emeritus who passed away on December 7, 2020 after a lengthy illness. He leaves behind a massive legacy as a research community builder in international particle astrophysics and a champion of Canadian involvement.

“A master of the art of collaboration who convinced talented physicists and national and international agencies that a multi-million dollar science project two kilometers under the earth in a Sudbury mineshaft would make it possible to solve the Solar Neutrino Problem”. These are the words used to describe his remarkable academic accomplishments. Dr. Ewan helped found the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO). In 2015, the years of research at SNOlab resulted in a Nobel Prize for Dr. Art McDonald and his collaborators, including Dr. Ewan. 

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