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For many, attending Queen’s was a transformational experience. The everlasting friendships and a strong sense of university spirit continue to flourish and grow long after graduation. Do you remember your first class? Did you have a favourite Professor? What was it that made your Queen’s experience so special? For some, financial barriers still prevent them from accepting offers to come to Queen’s and join our community. Tuition fees plus the cost of living is a very intimidating prospect for many students. With your help, we can bring some comfort and allow these students to build their own positive memories without the anxiety of financial burden. In recognition of the 30th Anniversary of our graduation from Queen’s, we encourage you to contribute to the Faculty of Arts and Science Bursary Fund. Your gift is a pledge that the Faculty of Arts & Science will always welcome exceptional students regardless of financial circumstances. Thank you for inspiring future generations! Students for a short time…alumni for a lifetime.

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