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“The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long”. Amir Moradi personified these words of the renowned ancient Chinese philosopher and writer, Lao Tzu. This flame still burns bright in every memory of Amir’s radiant smile which illuminated any room he walked into and every space he occupied. Even though his stay on this earth was all too brief, each person who came into contact with him still carries this flame within. So powerful was his presence indeed.

Born in Manchester, in the United Kingdom, in 1998, Amir moved to Iran in 2003 where he spent the next nine years completing junior and middle school. He immigrated to Canada in 2015 and enrolled at the Holy Trinity School in Richmond Hill, Ontario to finish his high school years. At HTS, Amir’s strong intellectual abilities coupled with his congenial and extroverted personality earned him academic distinctions along with the respect and admiration of both his peers and his teachers. At HTS, Amir made many friends while participating in drama productions and playing on the basketball team. Soccer and swimming were also among his diverse pursuits as he adeptly juggled academics, sports, extracurriculars, and an active social life.

He maintained his gregarious demeanour and academic commitment after being accepted into the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Queen’s university. Amir only had three more semesters to complete his Biotechnology degree program before the January 2020 fatal plane crash in Tehran which took his life and the lives of so many others. In his third year, in the summer of 2019, Amir had decided to pursue his ultimate goal of becoming a doctor by writing his entrance exams for the Medical Sciences program. As soon as he was certain of being on the right track to medical sciences, he decided to assume a new challenge of launching his start-up venture on campus with his own savings.

Throughout his high school and university years, Amir embodied a true passion for learning, a deeper commitment to family and society, an incredible curiosity about the world, and an indefatigable zest for life. His friends at Queen’s recall his intelligence, his ambition, and his “very big heart” for both his family and friends as he always strove to make his parents proud. The following truly captures his memory, “[He was] a good, genuine guy who was nice to everyone and who went out of his way to make sure everyone was happy, even at his own expense sometimes.”

As a tribute to his brief yet inspiring life, Amir’s parents in collaboration with Queen’s University, have launched the Amir Moradi Memorial Bursary. The fund will provide support to students who require financial assistance. Ongoing donations to this fund are encouraged and will be in honour of Amir’s passion for learning and his dedication to the betterment of society. Please donate to keep Amir’s memory and his wish for a safer, healthier, and kinder world alive. 

Please be sure to fill out the commemorative portion of the giving form entitled "Dedicate my gift." This will allow Queen's to notify Amir's family of your thoughtful donation.