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We have a competitive spirit that drives us...we push ourselves to the point of exhaustion and beyond…we compete with fierce pride in the name of our university…..we celebrate our wins and motivate each other in the face of defeat…we are a community that has accomplished exceptional things athletically and academically….we are inspirational community leaders…we are Gaels!

You are an invaluable member of our team and you play an integral role in shaping our lives and our futures. Your support is influential and provides opportunities for us to fully develop as competitors, scholars and community leaders. Without you, many of us would be unable to pursue our athletic and academic dreams.

As a supporter, you get the chance to proudly share with us in every victory…

  • Every game
  • Every championship
  • Every graduation
  • Every triumph in between

All donations go directly to Queen's Sailing Team and are eligible for a receipt for income tax purposes.

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